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Our Menu

Our Menu

Sandwiches & Wraps

Chicken Bang Bang Wrap €6.95
Tasty Chicken, peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce with crunchy carrot, cucumber, lettuce and spring onion in a tortilla wrap. 
Allergens: gluten (wheat), nuts (peanuts), sesame seeds.

Chicken Caesar Wrap €6.95 
Home-cooked chicken, bacon, lettue, parmesan and Caesar dressing in a tortilla wrap.
Allergens: gluten (wheat), eggs, fish, dairy (milk), sesame seeds, soybeans, sulphur dioxide and sulphates.

Chicken Tikka Wrap €6.95
Tikka-spiced chicken with cucumber, lettuce, red onion and raita in a tortilla wrap.
Allergens: gluten (wheat), eggs, dairy (milk).

Winnie's Panini - Italian-style! €5.50
Pesto, mozzarella and tomato toasted in a soft baguette
Allergens: gluten (wheat), dairy (cheese), sesame seeds, nuts (cashew and walnuts), soybeans.

Coronation Chicken Sandwich €5.50
Home-cooked chicken in a mango sauce.
Allergens: gluten (wheat), nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts), eggs, sesame seeds, soybeans.

Roast Ham & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich €5.50
A traditional favourite!
Allergens: gluten (wheat), dairy (milk), sesame seeds, soybeans.


Winnie's Homemade Scones with Jam €2.75
Freshly made Thursdays and Fridays
No jam €2.50
Allergens: gluten (wheat), eggs, dairy (milk).

Carrot Cake (GF) €4.20
Allergens: eggs, dairy (milk), nuts (peanuts, walnuts), soybeans.

Homemade Cookies €1.75
(Chocolate or Lemon)
Allergens: gluten (wheat), eggs, dairy (butter).

Praline Nut Square (GF) €4.20
Allergens: nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios), eggs, dairy (milk), soy.

Rocky Road €3.95
Allergens: gluten (wheat), eggs, nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts), dairy (milk), soybeans.

Berry & Almond Slice (GF) €3.95
Allergens: nuts (almonds), eggs, dairy (milk).

Selection of Ice Creams
Allergens: eggs, dairy (milk), soy.

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