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Modern Crochet

Modern Crochet

Did you ever think you'd like to crochet and immediately you are transported back to the 1970's brown and orange crochet blanket that was on your granny’s sofa? Crochet has taken a big leap into the modern world in recent times, with brands like Scheepjes really marketing their yarn towards crocheters to bring crochet back into fashion. 

Designers have been working hard to make fun and updated clothing, toy and homeware patterns for you to try. If you already crochet, there are so many new techniques to try too. Mosaic crochet is right on trend and looks way more complicated than it actually is.

Mosaic Crochet patterns by Scheepjes: Yarn the After Party 44, 45, and 46 (click the picture to purchase)

Of course there will always be a place for the traditional granny square which is one of my favourites. I used it as a base in my own designs, where I utilised the ease of granny squares with a modern or vintage twist.

Wild Rose and Falling leaves pattern kits by Teresa Kotteman (click the picture to purchase)

Either way, modern or vintage, crochet is here to stay with more and more people taking it up as a way to relax and focus in this busy world we live in. If you are interested in learning a new skill or improving an old skill, at Winnie’s we offer 6 week crochet classes and 3hr morning workshops for those who already have some crochet knowledge, such as amigurumi, or top down sweaters. If you would like to suggest our next workshop please drop us a message we’re always open to new ideas.

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