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Three Knitted Friends

Three Knitted Friends

Three friends at Winnie’s were busy a bit

Discussing their summer plans to commit

Should we go camping or picnic to be

George, Hugo, Mia considered with tea


“Visits or trips or games with different names

Not to be bored,” zebra Hugo exclaims

“I have an idea,” says panda Mia,

“Let’s look at the shelves! in Winnie’s itself.”


Travel size board games, marbles or cars

Domino, Matcho? Fun, up to the stars!

For babies and teenage, little boys and girls

Winnie’s have something for all dear pearls.


George, the dog, added more and more,

“Don’t forget books! Also, to explore.”

From microbes to cosmos, science and space,

Doodling or dotting, track or trace.


Outdoors or indoors, at home or with friends

Summer adventures that never ends.

Of course, oh silly, we can’t forget this

At Winnie’s kids crochet and learn how to knit.


Three friends at Winnie’s were busy a bit

Planning their summer, writing to-do list

For parents and grannies, oh yes, to insist

Trip to the Winnie’s or webshop to hit.