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Knitting for the Seasons

By Sandra Dunkin

As the days grow longer and the temperatures begin to warm up, many of us put down our needles and hooks in the belief that knitting and crochet are cold weather activities. On the contrary, knitting and crochet can be year-round activities with the right project in hand. We have many light-weight and alternate fibre yarns that will work up into ideal warm weather garments and accessories ideal to keep your hands busy as the mercury rises.

Our range of yarn brands offer their own patterns for the yarns we sell. Drops has a terrific selection of warm weather patterns – all for free on their website, and we have all their yarns to supply you with the necessary materials.

Drops summer pattern Drops Summer 2022 Drops Summer pattern 2

Ravelry is also an excellent source for project ideas. A search on the term "summer" yields 31,646 results. These results can be filtered by craft, gender, age, category, yarn gauge and yardage available. For example, with the filters, adult, female, crochet and fingering weight yarn reduces the number of patterns to 435 (* and likewise, the filters: child, female, knitting and DK yarn returns 285 patterns (* Each of these searches features a range of summer tops, dresses, tunics, hats, and more to inspire your summer crafting. 

Ravelry search screenshot 1 Ravelry screenshot 2
Ravelry filtered search results: adult, female, crochet and fingering weight yarn Ravelry filtered search results: child, female, knitting and DK yarn

What better than a gossamer light shawl, seemingly made of air, to keep off the chill after the sun goes down? Or perhaps a picnic blanket made of durable cotton suitable for grassy knoll or sandy beach? The possibilities are endless. Lightweight knitted t-shirts, cardigans and dresses for sunny days are practical and stylish additions to your summer wardrobe. The range of patterns is quite broad for both knit and crochet projects.

So let your imagination run free, needlework creativity doesn’t need to stop with the change of seasons, a small shift of fibre or gauge will keep you stitching year round.


*These links are only available to Ravelry members – membership is free,

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