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Craft in the Classroom

Here at Winnie’s we believe that the value of bringing craft into the classroom is undisputed and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to join in.

This summer, teachers will experience a unique and fun way to complete their summer course at the lovely Winnie’s Craft Café & Studio in Booterstown, Co. Dublin.

Held in our new Craft Studio above the shop from 4th – 8th July from 10 - 2.30 each day.

The main aims of this course are:

  • Create more awareness of craft related teaching methodologies in the Primary School setting and highlight the wide ranging benefits that teaching crafts may have to other disciplines in a child’s personal development.
  • Provide participants with the necessary skills and ideas to develop their student’s creativity and innovation at an early age.
  • Equip practitioners on ideas about how to plan Art & Crafts and Creative Activities programmes across the curriculum.
  • Discuss the benefits of integrating creative activities in the daily routine of the classroom.
  • Provide an opportunity for practitioners to upgrade their craft skills in a fun and meaningful way.

This course is part of the Drumcondra Education Centre Summer Courses for Teachers 2016 programme. (E.P.V.Day approved)

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